• Connor Lyons
    Surfpaste is a great product and lasts for hours. Easy to apply and doesn't lose texture or melt when in the sun. It's also organic so anyone who cares about our planet can use this product and know they're doing something positive for our Oceans.
  • Tahlia Bourke
    Surfing is a huge part of my life, and that means endless hours in the sun. Surfpaste keeps me protected, and the fact that it's all organic and natural means it doesn't clog my skin and I'm happy to leave it on all day long!
  • Steve Maloney
    As a surf coach I can spend up to 6 hours in the water somedays. Surfpaste is an absolute essential for me and has a great texture. So good to know that it's all natural and by protecting my skin I will still have a baby face when I'm an old man.
  • Emily Jayne Burns
    The only product I trust on my face! I'm out on the tennis court each day for hours and used to get burnt constantly, now I haven't been burnt on my face since and can enjoy the sun.
  • Corina Vargas
    Such a nice zinc! And affordable as well, highly recommend it!
  • Sienna Marshall
    Super happy to be an ambassador for Surfpaste and helping to continue to bring awareness of being sun-safe from the harsh and harmful damage of our sun to the surfing community. I 100% recommend Surfpaste☀️
  • Emily Lethbridge
    I was immediately drawn to the idea of Surfpaste's vegan qualities & natural ingredients, that is as good for my skin as it is for the environment. As a surfer who spends a lot of time in the ocean, I highly recommend Surfpaste for sun protection.

Natural and Organic Sunscreen SPF30 

Surfpaste Organic Sunscreen contains only natural, certified organic, cruelty-free & vegan ingredients. 

Welcome to my journey to help protect your skin from sun damage, providing you with a product which is safe for you and our environment.

As someone who has grown up in Queensland, and having spent 18 years in Noosa I have had my own fair share of sun and have had several skin cancers removed.  So to me, prevention is the key and the next step for me was to find products which could prevent more skin cancers.  After searching for a tinted sunscreen I could use on my face and not finding one I liked, I decided to formulate a product which can be used as a both a foundation and sunscreen and is also beneficial for your skin.  

Surfpaste contains only certified organic ingredients and non - nano zinc oxide, all the ingredients I chose for my product are highly beneficial for the skin. 
The high levels of antioxidants from the certified organic oils protect and repair the skin from damage and premature ageing.
For anyone that struggles with sensitive or acne-prone skin, the zinc oxide in Surfpaste helps to soothe the inflammation and may reduce sebum production.
Formulating a product with ingredients which are certified organic, safe for consumers and our environment was also very important to me.

Our Surfpaste Tinted Sunscreen SPF30 has been formulated for sport and outdoor activities.
For all you ladies, Surfpaste can be used as your sunscreen, concealer and foundation all in one product, helping to reduce premature ageing caused by sun exposure.
Such a great tan colour, the perfect shade for most skin tones. Easy to apply and stays on for hours.

Surfpaste Sunscreen SPF30 has been tested in Australia under our conditions and complies with Australian standards as a high protection broad spectrum sunscreen SPF30.

Surfpaste was created in Noosa and made in Queensland. Australia
Contains only natural, certified organic, cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.
No Animal Testing, never have and never will...Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.
Our packaging is made with 100% recyclable plastic. 
We proudly sponsor several young surfers including Connor Lyons, Emily Lethbridge and Amarnie Barber from the Sunshine Coast, Keira Buckpitt from NSW, Kelsey Buchanan from Western Australia and Sienna Marshall from Cabarita Beach on the Gold Coast. Also Mason Schremmer from Oahu, Hawaii.

Our team at Surfpaste believe that helping young surfers reach their goals, and protect their skin from sun damage is a worthwhile thing to do.
​Stay safe in the sun everyone!
​Karen Callihoo